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Project Description
Thread safe event driven message notification for RabbitMQ using the .net API. Implmenet in project is a Visual Studio 2010 solution with two project the RabbitEars project and a demo windows form to allow users to test drive RabbitMQ

This project builds upon the RabbitMQ .Net API and provides a library for use in your projects and a demonstration windows form to help with testing of the different message types.
Please see the official RabbitMQ site for more details about how to get the core system and install it -

The reason I created this project was to demonstrate how to receive messages from RabbitMQ in a .net event driven manner. There seemed to be very little documentation about how to do this specific thing in .net on the web or RabbitMQ site. My use case is a windows form wants to receive messages but does not want to block the thread and therefore make the UI freeze waiting for a message. The RabbitMQ has the ability to do this type of subscription, but it spins this onto its own thread – this is a great thing. But people (myself included) seemed to be confused about how to get the messages back to the windows UI thread for display on screen (i.e. cross thread events).

I know this project is simple but perhaps that’s because you’re a genius – any genius who spots anyway of improving the project, please contribute..

I amusing call my project RabbitEar as it listens out for messages from the mighty RabbitMQ

Written in but either include the project into your solution and use from C# or use to convert to C#

Many thanks

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